HYTTA is a small wooden cabin on a steel base measuring only 2,5 by 5 metres.


For years it had been my dream to design and build a compact cabin or tiny house. With the Norwegian style “Hytta” in mind, the cabin should provide the basic necessities for a relaxing holiday stay.


With no experience in building a complex structure like this, the development has been a year filled with learning on the job and finding out through trial and error.



Starting on this adventure in October 2016 the entire development had taken over 1,5 years preparations included like the 3D drawings and development of the steel frame.

The measurements ensure that the house can be transported on a trailer without any extra permits.







A galvanized steel ladder frame is the basis on which a deep floor of 30 cm is placed ensuring both a good isolation and enough height for a hidden double bed laying just under the floor.


Wooden frames are covered in simple underlayment with high gloss wooden flooring.


A window box creates a spot to sit and a small kitchen ensures you can make simple meals and store basic vacations needs. Two reclaimed doors that once belonged to an industrial greenhouse complex give an open connection to the wonderful view Hytta is placed in.


The double bed located under the folding floor panels create a bed with uninterrupted view to the field. Closed they make the Hytta an open floor living space.


The Hytta is cladded in red cedar shingles with a black stained finish and metal clad roof and a big platform for a outdoor living space.

Interested in Hytta as your own hideaway?

Contact me at info@jpscheen.nl or tel. 06 174 54 707


Special thanks to:

Ton Willems, Arnold Scheen & Lydia de Vries, Lenn Cox, Lotte Pronk, Cees Pronk, Thijs Adriaans, Erik & Simone, Olivier de Boer

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