Putting emphasis on spacial experience, human interaction and handmade quality.


As a designer and creative producer I am most challenged when presented with a query that involves combining several factors, such as people, stories, design and space. I like to tell clear stories by well designed spaces.

various projects

Design Methodology

By the exploration of traditional handicraft and use of tactile materials like for light wood frames and simple cloth i look for quality in detail. This search for a complementary relationship between materials drives my creative process.


My design methodology is based on a a background in fashion and design. The emphasis on tactile materials and use of space to communicate are echoed in the productions I helped to create like the Arnhem Fashion Biënnale (2011), ArtEZ Fashion Masters (2014) and Atelier Néerlandais (2016), among others.


As a producer my aim is to collect and create the story that needs to be told. I provide design and production ideas with sollutions which are both pragmatic and practically usable.


I connect with my customers by translating my aesthetics into concepts and design projects, interactive exhibitions and experiential events.

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